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State of the art ISO-9000 manufacturing facility utilizing world class CNC machining centers.

Strict Statistical Process Control standards. We do it right the first time and every time.

High precision production through the use of advanced industry technologies.

Proper hardening of all quality critical areas.



Focus on detail.

Precision grinding of all matted surfaces.

Proper “washing” of all chuck bodies and components.

Dust free and climate controlled work areas provide an exceptional “clean”

environment that supports the precision machining and chuck assembly processes.



3 Step comprehensive Quality Control Process to support ensure FUERDA’S position as a leader in the manual lathe chuck market.

IQC – Step 1 ensures proper raw material status and the establishment of the proper foundation for production.

IPQC – Step 2 provides strict “in process” quality control measures to ensure product starts right and finishes right.

FQC – Step 3 provides a comprehensive final inspection to guarantee that we ship to the customers’ expectations.


Price Competitiveness


FUERDA is a customer-centric organization with a focus on optimizing the use of systems, processes and labor to drive improvements in the manufacturing environment and to control costs that allow FUERDA to deliver the highest quality products at the most competitive price.

Market Leadership

FUERDA has attained a market leadership position by producing a high quality product and by providing strong customer service. FUERDA’s leadership position is supported through our professional Engineering and Marketing staffs. Our talented and creative teams utilize state of the art software and systems.

Effective Product Planning is managed from R & D to production through the use of a 3D CAD system. This system supports FUERDA’s aggressive product development programs and provides tailored services for our customers.

FUERDA’s market position is enhanced by our aggressive approach to marketing and brand development. Brand position, public relations, advertising and other marketing programs are implemented to support the global image of the FUERDA product position and organizational stature.

FUERDA’s market leadership position strongly supports the efforts of our customers.




FUERDA’s professional sales engineers provide pre-sales product advice and work with the customer to understand market trends and to provide personalized consulting and support with product selection and solutions.

FUERDA supports the customer from product planning to product selection to product install to product maintenance.


Mazhuang Industry Zone,
Jiaojiang, Taizhou City, Zhejiang, China.